During the period of confinement the activity of our workshop was suspended for a certain time and our team was confined for reasons of hygiene safety risks. This time allowed us to question ourselves as a small company that wishes to continue making clothing while respecting the planet.

For this reason in the times of confinement, we decided to sew non-medical masks which have become an essential accessory for our outings from home. At Icône Paris we offer aesthetic masks, real fashion accessories to get out of your house, shop or go to work. Beyond the aesthetic side, we have thought of your comfort. The fabrics in trendy colors are made of soft cotton, pleasant for your skin. They are chosen from natural and ecological materials. For example, the Denim color mask is made of Tencel, the fabric that is obtained from eucalyptus, so biogradable. It also has excellent moisture absorption while providing optimal breathability. So our products are biogradable and natural. They can also last longer if you wash them in the organic cotton pouches that come with the masks. We sell our masks on our online store www.icone-paris.com and deliver them directly to your home. Part of the sales will allow us to make a donations to differents associations whose mission is to help people and large families in difficulty.

The masks can be delivered directly to your home.
Care instruction:
Hand wash or delicate machine wash, the best quick and effective way to disinfect is to boil a glass of water in a large saucepan and hold the mask above the cloud of steam with a wooden fork or stick.
Please note, the FDA does not assess these masks. They are not intended to prevent or cure an illness. Use with your own discretion.
Please note that due to the personal nature of this item, we do not accept returns unless it arrives damaged or defective. However, if you have any problems with your order, please contact us.

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