Femme Artiste

Behind the brand

Stylist and illustrator, Kristina Serena launched her Collection of t-shirt  “Ô – PARIS” in 2018 in organic and soft cotton, an elegant souvenir to bring from her beloved city.

Her love to fashion combined with her love to travel is very much evident in her collections.  

Growing up in Uzbekistan, Kristina first was always attracted by the indigenous textiles, far-flung side and originality. She created the limited Edition of the handbags from the amazing ikat of the Silk Road. Hand crafted and naturally died satin, silk or cotton, the craftsmen naturally dies their fabric, creating each pattern unique. The collection was a success and Kristina ended by working to herself.

Collaborating with local craftsmanship she draw her Collection of handbags in leather realized in the best Workshops of Spain. 

She moves definitely to her seaside Holiday home, from Paris to Marbella. Attracted by the vibes of the place, the Beach life style and the Andalusian fiestas where it’s still a tradition to sew the own garments for the especial occasions. She put off her Parisian wardrobe and realized her need to create unique and comfortable looks to be adapted to her new place …still dreaming about Paris. Her first Collection Ready to wear named “Andalusian Garden” is born. 

Icône Paris – fashion brand made by woman`s hands to dress woman.

Sensitive to hold the hand to the local crafts, to create jobs she is also committed to produce in a reasonable way. 

All pieces of Ready to wear are realized by the local women, professional dressmakers and manufactured by incredible care. Strong in commitments: the style that lasts in time and active attention for a reasonable production. Most of the pieces created by Icône are unique.     



The « Légèreté et Liberté » – the words that draw the brand, chic and comfortable, day and night. “Lightness” is the state of mind of Icône Team is a necessity to accompany  the style and beauty of feminine universe.

“Freedom” expresses the movement in look to create comfort and make the woman happy.

Today the team of Icône composed by cool women who wants to give the value to femininity, to embrace the slow, and delights in style and beauty.    

Icône Paris is to dare to be yourself. The universe of Icone is inspiration from icon styles, trends of all famous decades of Paris, is Parisian talk, look, walking and fashion spirit.