About the brand

…replenish your wardrobe essentials with white Icône T-shirt in limited éditions…

Icône Paris – fashion brand online born in Paris and based today it’s studio design in Marbella.

Icône Paris – is a touch of Parisian style to be easily adapted to your wardrobe.

The universe of Icône Paris is an imagination and flair of Kristina Serena, the brand director. In her creations she reinterprets the fashion style of her beloved city.


Our creations are MADE IN SPAIN. Because our objective is to support a local craftsmanship. Our t-shirts with unique designs are handmade printed in small quantities in organic cotton. The handbags are produced in limited editions realized by the most famous workshops in Spain.



Freedom and Lightness


…keep it simple wear like a Parisian..


« Légèreté et Liberté » – the words that determine the brand, chic and comfortable, for the day and the night. “Lightness” is our state of mind with which we wanted to accompany our feminine universe. “Freedom” expresses the movement and the look in our creations with comfort and joy.






Paris, mon amour

Kristina arrived to Marbella in June, her black silk dress and country style boots, definitely made her feel out of place, maybe running away from Paris was not the best option … but she nee- ded it, needed to find herself, needed the sun and the beach. After two months in La Cuesta del Sol, she decided to write to her lover…

‘Mon amour, I just came back from the beach, I’m wearing my favorite white shirt with bare feet, can you imagine? The sunset and the breeze remind me of you. I will stay, life by the Sea it’s truly better. I no longer wear my black dress or the boots that you gave me, but on my shoulders I still hang my Icône Paris Bag, to always remember you and Les Champs-Élysées.

Je t’aime



…a story of the brand..


It’s a story between a pair of Parisians who had an idea to create a fashion design t-shirts “a gift memory” elegant and wearable long time. T-shirt “souvenir” became their brand identity and now Icône continue it’s experience in Marbella where a white cotton t-shirt more then essential of any wardrobe. Today we offer 5 different shapes for woman and 3 for man with more then 20 inscriptions and illustrations designed in our studio.


Where to buy ? In our shop online www.icone-paris.com.

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