To select and wear a white t-shirt.

We adore a white t-shirt since age of teenager, nothing more easy to get on your favorite t-shirt from wardrobe when we are in lack of time and ideas. It can be any bottom: scirt or jeans of any color. The funny message can be your mood of the day. Actually t-shirt became an essentiel item of man´s and woman´s wardrobe.

You can hardly be interested by the style in summer without going through the departement of t-shirts. Initially, a t-shirt was our underwear it made a path since to become the basic of the season.

Here are a few reasons to wear the White t-shirt :

  • You can wear a white t-shirt chilling sunday with a cool outfit also as the some diner in the evening .. especially if we are fun of “cool attitude” look.
  • The t-shirt can always make your own style. You can pick up it with everything and with nothing.
  • It’s an essential piece of summer, it´s protect you from sun ( because of the color ) and helps you to feel yourself confortable ( your body breath with cotton and transpire with synthetique).
  • To wear white t-shirt helps to avoid the situation of “overthink” – when we think too much about the details. A t-shirt is more informal piece and affords more tolerante then a classical shirt.

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